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Innovation and Collaboration: Vital to the Future of Human Services

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The times they are “a-changing”

Never has this been truer for our sector than during the past year. Today’s business and political environments challenge us to be more innovative, collaborative and laser-focused on how we deliver services that empower the people we serve. And, now more than ever, creating new partnerships with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and developing new business models, are essential to Ascentria’s ability to deliver our mission and sustain our financial future.

In this regard, Ascentria had several favorable developments during the past fiscal year. We acquired a new nursing home that increased our ability to provide seniors with compassionate and quality care and resulted in new sources of revenue. We also expanded our Language Bank social enterprise in Massachusetts with key contracts in the healthcare industry. For our community service programs, we raised private funds to assist youth in our care with their transition to independent living. Our fundraising event for Ruth House, our teen parenting program in Brockton, enjoyed incredible community support and raised record funds thanks to the generosity of those in attendance. We also are working more closely with civic and political leaders, other agencies, and faith and business partners to share knowledge and accelerate our mission of empowering people and strengthening communities.

But with the good, comes the not-so-good. The Executive Orders issued in Washington D.C. last year negatively affected our Services for New Americans refugee resettlement program. In Maine, modified program eligibility definitions impacted who could receive our mental health services, and required that we suspend care to many still in need. And our Good News Garage program in New Hampshire was stalled with licensure changes.

Yet, difficult times have a way of creating clarity. These and other changes forced us to look deeper at who we are, what we can do, and where we want to go. We embrace the future with a sharper awareness of the importance of our work and where we can make the greatest impact.

To achieve the success we know is possible for those in our care, the continued support and investment of our volunteers, donors, funders and faith partners is vital. Together we can empower individuals and families to achieve stable and healthy lives for themselves and help to create stronger, more versatile communities. We thank you all for your support and collaboration in shaping a better future for the most vulnerable among us.

As we focus on new and innovative ways to more efficiently and effectively deliver our services, we are “coming together, leading the way” to a stronger future for our sector and the people we serve.